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Tandoori Bite is the Ireland based Indian restaurant. We offer vibrant and flavouring dishes that will surely satisfy your appetite. Food is the ultimate necessity. Well, it is no more a necessity. People all over the world are planning to taste the best dishes and thanks to globalisation that cuisines also got interchanged. Today where Indian people are dining with Italian pizza, Irish people are gobbling on with the Indian food. What we do at Tandoori Bite is make sure that you get the real flavour of India. With the traditional cooking method, we delve to get the best Indian taste and bring out the genuine flavour of Indian.

Check out our menu card. From chicken to mutton biriyani, chicken and lamb balti, there are even chef’s special preparations that can help you get the real taste of India. We make sure that when you visit us you get the real taste of Indian food is. Come over to get the real taste of Indian flavour at the Tandoori Bite.


our history

Since our pioneer, we have made sure that you get to taste the Indian food. This is not what we say, but what our thousands of satisfied customers have to say about us. With the specially trained chef, we are here to bring mouth-watering food every time on your table. With the roots back in India, we ensure to caress your taste buds with the best quality Indian cuisine. With the perfect blend of spices and the correct use of ingredients you will be amazed with the quality of the food that we cook.

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